Autumn Monsoon - CD

NEW RELEASE!! Autumn Monsoon is the new release from Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy.  10 tracks featuring Teng on an assortment of Native American flutes as the music's primary voice and Levy on an array of world percussion and drums, the bass dulcimer, Turkish lute (saz), Inuk (hybrid guitar) and the melodic metal drums Hang and Rav.  Teng also adds performances on the alto and bass flutes, Indian harp (Swaramandala) and voice.

Fellow Mystic Journey members Dann Torres and Jon Ossman contribute glorious performances on the guitar and dilruba, the East Indian fiddle.

In their trademark style, Autumn Monsoon is ethereal, exotic, mystical chill- groove music at its best!

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SPECIAL OFFER - One of each of our CDS, Mystic Journey, Miles Beyond, Enchanted Wind and Kingdom of Mountains

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Kingdom of Mountains - CD

The critically acclaimed new release from Mystic Journey. Ethereal and evocative instrumental world music at its best...exotic flutes, strings and percussion from around the world dance together to create an ancient yet modern global groove.

"Ten all-original creations that will lift you to new heights and give you inspiration for going even farther." (Improvijazzation Nation Magazine)

"Kingdom Of Mountains by Mystic Journey is one of those albums you cannot afford to miss out on, the album has a stunning production quality, the performances from each and every artist are of utter quality and thus I have absolutely no problem totally recommending this release, it is easily one of the most magnificent and scenic albums I have heard for ages, an absolute must buy."

- One World Music, UK 


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Enchanted Wind - CD

Music for peace, love, and healing.  Seven beautiful and heartwarming meditations played on alto flute, bass flute, bamboo flutes and the rare contrabass flute with delicate accompaniment on harp, dulcimer, harmonium and zithers.  

Quiet music for quiet times.  

"Suzanne Teng plays music for the soul." - Los Angeles Times.  


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Miles Beyond - CD

The second release from Suzanne Teng & Mystic Journey is an award-winning collection of exotic instrumental world music featuring Suzanne, Gilbert, Fritz Heede, and Barry Newton performing on a huge array of instruments including Native American flute, alto and bass flutes,, Chinese dizi, Turkish ney and zurna, Indonesian suling, Swiss hang drum, guitar, sitar, saz, string bass, and hand drums from India, Africa, Egypt, Persia and drum set.  

Seven guest master musicians performing on oud, didgeridoo, cello, and more.


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Mystic Journey - CD

The critically acclaimed debut CD by Suzanne Teng & Mystic Journey was "Highly Recommended" and selected as a Critic's Choice by BILLBOARD MAGAZINE who described the album as "Serene and Sensual." 

Travel the world and beyond with Suzanne, Gilbert and 16 master musicians on this recording of original music that features flutes, strings, and percussion instruments from around the world.  This uniquely beautiful music blends the east with the west, the ancient with the new, and the ethereal with the ecstatic.  This album won Suzanne and Gilbert the Independent Music Awards for Best New Age Artist.


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Solstice Flute & Drum Double CD w/Backing Tracks - 2-CD Set

NEW ITEM!! Eleven new recordings with Suzanne on a variety of Native American Flutes and the Chinese zither and Gilbert playing everything from dulcimer and Ngoni (bass African harp) to Hang (Swiss Hand drum), drums and percussion.  Exclusive Limited Release only available on our website.

Second CD features the same tracks as backing tracks for you to play along with.  Included is a booklet with notes and playing tips by Suzanne.