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I got on the Suzanne Teng bandwagon a little late, but I am so glad to be here now and loving the ride. Her expressive flute playing is medicine for the spirit. Then you add talented percussionist Gilbert Levy to the mix and you have Autumn Monsoon, a 10-track harmonious journey to a place unexpected. Teng on several different kinds of flutes and Levy on hang drum, tabla, and many more banging objects complement each other on a collection that is somewhat genre-defying, but could be labeled New Age, ethnic, Native American, and World, with some atmospheric crossover pieces.  

Generally, we equate monsoons with the wind and rain and storms that originate in the Indian Ocean and travel northeast over much of Asia. This time however, we travel to America’s southwest, to Arizona and New Mexico and maybe across the border. It is sometimes referred to the Southwest Monsoon, but on this occasion, I’m sure it’s the Autumn Monsoon.

Subtle hang drum and flute deftly coordinate on the opening number Autumn Monsoon. The Native American flute in this piece is a benevolent wind, caressing the land. The percussion is the heartbeat of the earth. This song is much more delicate than I would have imagined, but then the planet is always in a fragile state of balance.

We find ourselves in the southern part of North America where desert meets jungle and life is very different. Suzanne and Gilbert’s song, Maya, reminds us of one of the most advanced and yet, mysterious societies to grace the planet. Farming, science, and mathematics were only a few of their talents. We measure time today by their concepts. We build from their knowledge of architecture; we feast from their ancient, bountiful table. The music is a bit dark and mysterious, with a pair of flutes that influence the tune with a hint of bliss.  

The flute and drum keep a steady pace. The sky is azure blue. The desert is dry, the sun fierce. He cannot stop, for he is the Traveler.  He has stories to tell. History to impart. Then on to the next village. Many Native Americans tribes used oral history to keep their records. Tales around the fire and stories to keep the long winter’s cold away. Coyote was often called the traveler. He is meaningful and relentless. This is his music.

A shake of rattles, a pounding of drum is heard. Dancing around an unseen fire, Teng’s flute voice rises like musical flames heavenward on the tune Canyon Ghosts. The gentle, undulating melody reminds us that there is great wisdom in the voices of our ancestors. We must heed their warnings.

The tune Journey of Life seems to sum up the entire theme of the album. The musical mystical excursion maybe have southwestern flavor, but the principles behind it are global. If we take care of this earth, then we can take care of its inhabitants. The lesson could not be any simpler. This is a rather complex tune with methodical drumming and an exquisite flute melody that is way past hypnotic. The background synths are resonant and melodious. Everything meshes perfectly on this one. It quickly became my favorite on the recording.

Suzanne Teng is a world-class flute player with more accolades than can be noted on a single page. She has done music for film, television, and multiple record labels. Gilbert Levy is a well-known percussionist that has contributed his talents to rock and jazz bands including Wynton and Branford Marsalis. He also plays a number of exotic stringed instruments on many of the cuts on the album. Teng & Levy are joined on Autumn Monsoon by their band members (Mystic Journey) Dann Torres on guitar and John Ossman on bass. The entire album is relaxing and peaceful. Teng’s flutes, more than a dozen of them for this offering, have an exotic air about them that fit just about any mood. I highly recommend this album. – R J Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews

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Album Review by Dyan Garris for New Age CD and Zone Music Reporter

“‘Autumn Monsoon” is true medicine for the soul.’” – Dyan Garris

“Autumn Monsoon,” the newest release from multiple award-winning husband and wife team, Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy, features 10 tracks of ethereal, instrumental music created with Native American flutes and drums, percussion, and stringed instruments from around the world.

Here, we embark upon a mystical musical journey to India, through the American Southwest, West Africa, the Saharan desert, and even to the galaxy Andromeda, all the while honoring the distinct voice of the Native American flute, which is the centerpiece instrument on the album. 

The music of their group, Mystical Journey (Suzanne Teng, Gilbert Levy, Dann Torres, and Jon Ossman), has been licensed for hundreds of film, television, commercial and video productions and was featured on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” 

On “Autumn Monsoon,” their 5th album, Teng and Levy are the primary songwriters and have released the album as a duet. The 10 tracks feature Teng on Native American flutes with Levy on an array of world strings, drums and percussion, the bass dulcimer, Turkish lute (saz), Inuk (hybrid guitar), and the melodic metal drums, Hang and Rav. Teng also adds performances on the alto and bass flutes, Indian harp (Swaramandala) and voice. Fellow Mystic Journey members Dann Torres and Jon Ossman contribute masterful performances on the guitar and dilruba (the East Indian fiddle, which is a cross between the sitar and sarangi).

The mystical, exotic, chill-groove album opens with the ethereal title track, “Autumn Monsoon.” This is a haunting, hypnotic, flute melody embraced by drums and world percussion, and perfectly lays the foundation for all that comes next. Immediately following is the sinuous, snaky, and sensuous, “Indian Sisters.” One can feel the gentle power of the “Divine Feminine” principle winding throughout and rising. Beautifully done.

The mysterious and exotic “Maya” is a favorite with its layered flutes, strings, synths, and world percussion beat. This is very relaxing, peaceful, and reverent. Ditto for “Traveler.” This is masterfully done, with perfect mix and production. “Blue Ngoni” has an engaging flute melody and an African beat. One gets transported to an ancient time quite easily here.

“Canyon Ghosts” is quite ethereal and haunting. This is another favorite. Great beat and percussion accompany Suzanne’s seemingly effortless flutes. I found this so relaxing as to be trance inducing. Again, we have the superior mix and production that are a hallmark of this album.

The gorgeous, “Sueños” (which means “dreams”), is aptly named. Here we can completely chill out with this day-dreamy and calming song. It’s total serenity. Next, we are most gracefully transported to “Andromeda.” Ethereal and atmospheric, one can feel themselves breathe freely again. What an amazingly relaxing song. And the flute here is extra exquisite. Perfect.

 The “Journey of Life” is multi-layered and complex. We can literally feel ourselves traveling on the path of life, and beyond, actually. Again, the instrumentation is beautiful, as throughout.

The album closes out with “Prayer for Claire.” Etheric, heart-touching strings, along with extremely ethereal flute, bring us to a place of reverence and respect. Simply stunning. Perfect ending

This album is not just “another Native American flute album.” It’s “wow.” And it’s true medicine for the soul.  

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 Autumn Monsoon 


Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy 

Written by 

Steve Sheppard 

I had listened to this album intently and was certain I had heard this style of flute performed on another album, until I slapped my head with my hand, with the realisation that this was some 2 years plus ago, and under the name of Mystic Journey, Teng and Levy’s skill set brought me a fantastic album called Kingdom of Mountains back then, and now were off on a new voyage entitled Autumn Monsoon

This musical partnership have graced us with their music over the years on film, TV and various other commercial projects. I must admit to be a bit of a fan of their work as it sets a beautiful place of calm for us eager listeners to listen from, we therefore start this voyage with the opener and title track Autumn Monsoon. Teng’s flute here is majestic in creating an autumnal feel to the composition, whilst the crafted percussion manifests a wonderful base from with which we can all explore this graphic musical narrative. 

The longest piece off the release is up next and called Indian Sisters, the scene is immediately set with simplicity, and we could with ease, be on the hills sides gazing down upon the valleys of a textured Indian countryside. Levy’s multi instrumental nature not only in this track, but in the entire album will bring us a fine array of plucked and percussive moments of genius. I would dare to say that this is a particular favourite of mine, but on an album of near on perfection that’s difficult, but the mood and graphic nature of this offering is utterly sublime. 

It has been said that this pairing create music that will lift the listener to a place of beauty, that can be further emphasized by this following offering 

called Maya. The gentle nature of this track is soothing and most healing; there is also an underpinned and very lush sense of a Celtic refrain here that is equally charming. 

The opening to this piece, Traveler, was superb; guitars lay down a bed of music that is almost like walking the boundaries of the wastelands in some middle Earth betwixt and between what we know as reality. Teng’s flute then brings an almost native energy to the proceedings as we seem to be moving further onward down a dusty track, where remnants of a forgotten past lay discarded as the world has moved on, this is a fine cinematic performance by both artists, and with ease my personal favourite off the album. 

On Blue Ngoni we have an intriguing piece; one that offers up something truly fascinating to listen to, with the symbiotic partnership of percussion and flute, there’s a beautiful depth to this piece that I also found attractive as well, the sounds of the Ngoni were so fluent within this charming musical narrative. 

Canyon Ghosts is one of those tracks that is simply magnificent in every way, the tones and wonderful instrumentation draw such evocative images of a spiritual location when the ancients reside, but can only been seen by those with a pure heart and intentions. The flute of Teng here is masterful, she creates such a mood filled landscape, and this sonic soundtrack is added to by the patient and timely percussion of Levy; note the textured layered backdrop here as well. 

A truly meditative offering can be found on this next composition called Sueños. One could with ease slip into the other realms whilst listening to this transfixing offering. Levy’s musical talents bring us work on many instruments, so I hope I am right to applaud the work of the dulcimer here, one that at times reminded me of the work of the legendary new age artist Deuter. 

As we move deeper into the dark waters of this album we come across a truly galactic track entitled Andromeda. Yes, another favourite of mine, I stated early there would be many. The soulfulness with which Teng’s performance is blessed with here is huge, and the outcome of this splendid arrangement is one that brings us something musically so vast, we could roam within its tones for eons. 

We arrive at the penultimate offering off the album, it is called Journey of Life. All life is a circle, and everything the power of the world does is done in a circle, this I do believe. This is a beautiful composition, I mentioned the soul of Teng’s performance earlier, well this is the very track where you will not only see, but feel it present its stunning achievement. A mystical offering can be found here, one that is so deeply powerful and also very moving, a track that shows the sheer class of both artists at their very best. 

We have now arrived at the very last portal of the album and we are given one last musical gift from this symbiotic musical partnership, which is called Prayer for Claire. A moment of reflection is before us, a moment of thought and a time to reflect on another, this was a nice touch at the end of a beautiful album, musical honour and respect, and of course love. 

Autumn Monsoon is one of those albums you just can’t wait to get your hands on, perfect in all ways, brilliantly performed and craft fully produced. Teng and Levy have done it again, there intelligent and sparkling musical presentations have once more gifted to us listeners one of the finest contemporary instrumental albums of the year, and the fans and listeners of true quality music, should be queuing around the block to get hold of this one.

The Flute View

Autumn Monsoon is the new album from Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy.  Autumn Monsoon features 10 tracks of ethereal and evocative instrumental music played on Native American flutes and drums, percussion, and stringed instruments from around the world.  The album was conceived as a musical journey across the world and beyond--way beyond, including India, the American Southwest, West Africa, and the Saharan desert,  The "way beyond" is from "Andromeda" about a journey to that galaxy.  The Native American flute in its various permutations lends itself to dreamlike contemplation, and the duo take full advantage with Teng's soulful playing, combined with various other flutes like the bass and alto, and other diverse instruments like the frame drum and even a hammer dulcimer.   

Suzanne Teng’s mellifluous flute sounds, warm the heart, and soothe the soul.  Gilbert Levy provides a euphonious backdrop.  The Teng Levy Duo make harmonious music that deeply nourishes, the sonic embodiment of serenity.

The album is perfect for for meditation or shamanic journeying.  If you listen closely you can, indeed, take the journey that is promised to a familiar or foreign land, though you're left, appropriately, without the touchstone of a cultural instrument when you're venturing to Andromeda, as that track features a haunting flute and an inter-galactic backdrop.

Autumn Monsoon is a good way to get some dust on your mental traveling shoes, including some interstellar star dust. 


The JW Vibe - Music That Sticks to My soul

Two intriguing questions occur to me when listening Autumn Monsoon, an intricate, hypnotic-exotic, soul-transportive collection showcasing the lush melodies, globally expansive rhythmic flow and stunning aural tapestries of New Mexico based husband and wife Suzanne Teng (flutes) and Gilbert Levy (world drums, percussion).


The first pertains to discography. Teng released a flurry of releases in her first ten years as a recording artist, but her last work before this latest epic was Enchanted Wind in 2006. Logic tells me that it’s because of her frenetic work schedule that incorporates work on hundreds of other albums, video games, film and TV soundtracks and commercials, as well as her life as an educator who has sat on the Music Education panels for the National Endowment for the Arts.



Yet more whimsically, I visualize Teng trekking gleefully yet methodically around the world, stopping just long enough in each place to accumulate an arsenal of flutes that include the Chinese dizi, bawu and hulusi, Turkish ney and zurna, Indonesian suling, panpipes, penny whistles, Native American flutes, ocarinas, the West African fulani, Egyptian reed mijwiz and Bulgarian dvoyanka. Ditto Levy, who stirs the percussive global fusion magic via African and Middle Eastern hand percussion, the metal melodic Hang and Rav drums and stringed instruments like the Turkish saz, African ngoni, bass dulcimer and hybrid guitar Inuk.


The other query that comes to mind concerns the provocative title Autumn Monsoon. It’s a provocative yet lyrical musical journey throughout the globe, full of rhythm and movement, but also deeply relaxing and spiritual. So just how does the concept of “monsoon” connect with those transcendent, peace-promoting elements?


Then the thought comes – it’s a heavy storm of sounds, a maelstrom of passionate soundscapes,  but one that sweeps in and cleanses the soul, giving birth to fresh “Suenos,” or dreams, as we meet, among others, some mystical “Indian Sisters,” those whose souls reflect the brightness and enduring genius of the “Maya” people, and others who identify as “Traveler” on this road to better understanding our place in the universe and the commonality between cultures.


To that point, as they venture to India, the American Southwest, West Africa, the Sahara desert and even to another galaxy, Teng and Levy challenge us to identify just where each track is rooted spiritually and geographically. Along the way, they – and by extension, we – encounter the deep haunting echoes of “Canyon Ghosts,” explore the subtle seductive mysteries of the “Blue Ngoni” and breathily imagine soar beyond the confines of earth to the Andromeda Galaxy – which for the uninitiated is a spiral galaxy approximately 2.5 million light years from Earth. Its name stems from the area of the Earth’s sky in which it appears, the constellation of Andromeda.


Closer to home, the duo creates a sparse overall reflection on the “Journey of Life” and the mystery we are caught up in, and sends a beautiful parting “Prayer for Claire,” which wraps the set with heartfelt grandeur.

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Uplifting serene musical adventure Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy – AUTUMN MONSOON:  I have to tell you that this is my first listen to Suzanne and Gilbert’s wonderfully uplifting and serene musical adventure; it certainly will NOT be the last (in fact, I’ll be hitting the promoter up for any and all albums they have done).  As always, the very best way to get a sense of where their creativity led them is to watch them in action in this trailer video of the title track for the album, “Autumn Monsoon“:


…you’ll find many more exciting videos/performances when you SUBSCRIBE to the Suzanne Teng & Mystic Journey YouTube channel – I did it IMMEDIATELY, and you should too.

Suzanne performs on an assortment of Native American flutes, with Gilbert on an array of world percussion and drums, the bass dulcimer, Turkish lute (saz), Inuk (hybrid guitar) and the melodic metal drums Hang and Rav. Teng also adds performances on the alto and bass flutes, Indian harp (Swaramandala) and voice. Fellow Mystic Journey members Dann Torres and Jon Ossman contribute glorious performances on the guitar and dilruba, the East Indian fiddle… one of the most enlightened pieces I have ever heard (and that’s SAYING something, because I have listened to 1000’s) is the 5:46 “Sueños” (it means dreams)…Suzanne’s flute is (quite simply) haunting on the introduction, with swirls of strings in, around and through her notes… I just LOVED this tune… I predict it will be getting MAJOR airplay on stations (of all sorts) around the globe!

One of the shorter pieces on this fantastic release, “Traveler“, has some excellent percussion woven underneath Suzanne’s crystal-clear flute, and will hold you captivated for the entire 4:25… the pacing is exquisite on this very engaging composition.

It was the sustained flute passages on the introduction to the longest piece on the album, “Journey of Life“, that made it my personal favorite of the ten songs offered up for your acoustic adventure… as the percussion and strings of all sorts blend together with Suzanne’s flute, you will be transported to higher planes than you’ve ever reached before!

I give Suzanne, Gilbert and their players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this most memorable (and collectible) album.  Get more information on the Mystic Journey page.       Rotcod Zzaj



"This album is spellbinding, dramatic in a quiet way..." (Autumn Monsoon)

Higher Level Media

"Stunningly Beautiful" (Autumn Monsoon)

Ready to Travel


I was strategically positioned to listen to and enjoy Mystic Journey’slatest album Kingdom of Mountains. It was a soft, misty, rainy day. I was looking out my window at the mountain in the distance. It was kismet.

I have known about Mystic Journey’s founder, world class flautistSuzanne Teng for some time, but I have never reviewed her or her music until now and I am delighted with the album Kingdom of Mountains. I remember a series of radio shows called “Theater of the

Mind” back in the forties (I’m not that old and this has nothing to do with Ludacris) and this gently flowing music is similar in which it creates sonic landscapes and aural experiences that fill the mind with wonder. The ten tracks of New Age/World music have a homologous theme of secret and distance places. Teng is accompanied on her globetrotting endeavor with the talents of percussionist Gilbert Levy (co-producer, engineer, and chief bottle washer), guitarist Dann Torres, and multi-instrumentalist Jon Ossman. Bear in mind that not all kingdoms are surrounded by stone walls or perched on high mountains. Some are in places you’d never expect.Let us begin our journey.

The album opens with the track Subhadra. This enthralling tune is dedicated to the sister of Krishna. Subhadra is beautiful and brave and represents the finer characteristics of femininity. She is kidnapped by the brother of Krishna, but marries him with love in her heart in the end. Listening to this ethereal music I could imagine the moon hiding behind clouds, but there is pale light from a candle burning. The music is intoxicating as it is unhurried. Loving is inevitable.

Kingdom of Mountains, the title tune, is a unique piece in that it contains a myriad of ethnic influences. I envisioned myself in the Great Smokey Mountains, or maybe the Caucasus Mountains somewhere in Turkey or even on a lonely peak on Mt. Tai in the Shandong province of China. The flavors of this song produced by Teng’s Native American flute was mesmerizing, and hauntingly so.

In the middle of western Mali you travel up the Niger River and there lies the capital city of Bamako. You can grab a taxi van and head over the bridge. The city has some unique architecture that you can view all day long, but the nights, ah, that’s another thing altogether.Midnight in Bamako is a musical walk through quiet streets, many lit only by starlight. Stop at the café and have a tall glass of red hibiscus dabileni. Teng’s flute music strolls around the warm, sultry night. It is like a lover turning corners, sneaking down alleyways, and making his or her rendezvous as a sliver of a moon smiles down.

There’s a secret place where the four winds play high up on the mountain. The snow is deeperthan a man is tall and the cold is fearsome on the Sierra Nevada. Such is the setting for the tune

Viento. Mystic Journey’s tune is uplifting and rhythmic with Levy’s exotic hang drumpercussion balanced with Teng’s ascending furtive alto flute.

On the one hand, I Dream of a Castle has a jazzy tone, a cool, understated vibe, but very solid. On the other hand, however, what a melancholy cry the bamboo flute has in this one. This must be a castle made of dreams and memories. This was one of my many favorites on the album for its paradoxical mood. Thoughts of the castle might be sad, but being there is the most satisfyingfeeling. Teng’s flute soars high above the castle.

I liked all ten tracks for their mood altering powers. One only has to listen to be transported to places our hearts yearn for. The musicians play as if they are one, each an important element that complements the other. Noteworthy is that Gilbert Levy, the percussionist is co-writer on all the tracks along with Suzanne. Teng’s musical skills are outstanding as she transmutes emotion, color, and an awe-inspiring sense of place into the notes. Highly recommended and trust me, search for their others albums as well.

The Flutist Quarterly (National Flute Association)

“No matter which instrument she is playing, Teng provides a sense of calm mastery.  Her tone is beautiful and richly focused…It is easy to hear the different cultural influences on this music: Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, even jazz and other American popular styles…Pair the creative composing and eclectic orchestration with the passion and skill of the performers…there is something special indeed.”

Spirit Passages e-dispatch

Kingdom of the Mountains is the latest from Mystic Journeys and it is a gorgeous and evocative world music journey into meditative space. Rich sounds from flutes, world strings and percussion provide a healing sanctuary of sound. This is one I loved and recommend highly. 

Retailing Insight Magazine

I first discovered flutist Suzanne Teng’s abundant talents about 20 years ago, but I lost track of her career until Kingdom of Mountains arrived in my mailbox recently and thank goodness for it doing so. Teng is a master class flutist and Mystic Journey is Teng and multi-instrumentalist Gilbert Levy (ethnic drums and percussion, keyboards, et al.). On this album, the pair are joined by guitarist Dann Torres and bassist Jon Osman. Some of the ten tracks are sensual rhythmic explorations, tinted with mystery, while others feature a more playful, innocent mood. Nothing here is overly rambunctious so this would be perfect music for low-key yoga.


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Kingdom of Mountains - 

Mystic Journey


Four musicians from diverse musical backgrounds and disciplines, somehow found their way to form a group, Mystic Journey, which would see them creating some incredibly soul seeking music. This music saw them gain world acclaim within the ‘new age’ genre for their beautiful, evocative and hunting creations.

Their music is noted for reaching deep within to take the listen, the journeyman, to another time and place, a place where to relax, to become invigorated and refreshed, is nothing more than a beautiful journey of the spirit and soul.

Teng and Ley, the husband and wife team behind the formation of this formidable group, have written all the pieces on this latest album, taking the time and care to feature some beautiful, unusual instruments in the creation of each of the ‘songs’.

In Mystic Journey Susan Teng demonstrates her incredible ability with a wide range of flutes, weaving the delicate notes of the Chinese bamboo flute, the ‘dizi’, throughout the piece Delicate Rainbow Flower. Gilbert Levy lends a delightful resonance to the pieces with the addition of bass dulcimer, Turkish ‘saz’ as well as the African bass harp.

Jon Ossman and Dan M. Torres make up the final members of this multi-talented group with their addition of oud, acoustic and electric guitars, as well as sitar, dilruba and bass.

Each of the songs has, as with all collections, a special significance which is generally hinted in the title of the various tracks. On this album, the titles are almost as interesting and intriguing as to their creation, as is the music behind each piece.

The beautifully enticing Subhadra welcomes you in on this Mystical Journey, creating an evocative and ethereal atmosphere, which will allow a soft flow into the balance of the music. Kingdom of Mountains, as well as being the title of the album, once again draws you in with the hauntingly seductive notes of the flute, underpinned with a subtle raft of percussion, adding to the mystique of the piece. Listen carefully as there could almost be a touch of ‘flamenco’, hidden in there as well.

Subtle percussion is a contrast to the previous tracks as it introduces a touch of the sultry Middle East in Lebanon Girl, and once the flute joins in, the melody is such as to encourage you to return from your long, peaceful, healing, mystical voyage through time and space, to emerge refreshed and replenished.

An hauntingly beautiful album from introduction to finale!





Mystic Journey
Kingdom Of Mountains

"Mystic Journey" is a world music project composed of Suzanne Teng (flutes) and Gilbert Levy (strings and percussions) and they also collaborate with Dan Torres (guitar) and Jon Ossman (bass and dilruba).


"Kingdom Of Mountains" is their new work, an album in which they return to deepen their world music sound, with a preponderance of the flute to emphasize more the musical style to which the work is framed.  But also the other instruments have their importance.  They achieve ten themes that make up this work which is full of energy and strength.


We are facing an interesting project here.  It is for those who sometimes feel like listening to get carried away to other places, traveling with music about our beloved planet Earth and projects like this, are without a doubt, a wonderful traveling companion.

TANGO Reporter


History, Musicians, Poets and People



Kingdom of Mountains

Weishiu Music

- EE.UU. 2017

The group Mystic Journey

is directed by the flutist

Suzanne Teng, who can

be heard on hundreds of

recordings and soundtracks,

including commercial

(Kleenex, Pepsi, Dodge,

Johnny Walker), soundtracks

for video games, films and

TV series.


Their new album, "Kingdom

of Mountains," is full

of mysticism and evocative

instrumental music performed

with rare and colorful

flutes, strings and percussion

from around the world to create

a modern and informal

overall sound. The ten tracks on the

disc lead the listener on a

journey around the world,

peaceful and quiet, linking

the issues in a mystical and

musical journey.


In addition to Suzanne

Teng (flutes), are Gilbert

Levy (strings and percussion),

Dann Torres (guitar), and Jon

Ossman (bass). This unique set 

of "world music" creates

a new kind of instrumental music, 

ethereal and exotic, touching and



The group Mystic Journey has

composed music that not

only has been hailed by

critics, but that work has

been used in numerous

healing recordings, films

and videos, including a

special collection on CD

of the pieces created for the

Pharmaceutical Company Genentech

that was distributed to more than

50,000 patients to assist them in 

their recovery.

The Flute View

Suzanne Teng: Album Review

Oct 1, 2017 by 

Right now, we all need more meditation, healing, and peace, and Suzanne Teng/Mystic Journey's new album, "Kingdom of Mountains," provides music that evokes all of those elements.   I have always been a fan of Teng's music, as she is a master of countless world flutes, and "Kingdom of Mountains" is an excellent followup to her last album, "Mystic Journey."  Mystic Journey is now the name of the collective of musicians including Teng, her husband and co-writer, Gilbert Levy (world strings, percussions, synths), Dann M. Torres (guitar, oud, electric sitar), and Jon Ossman (bass and dilruba).

"Kingdom of Mountains" is a blend of all styles of world music and flutes, and the ambient tracks behind the world instruments give it a feeling of peacefulness and thought.  This album has more rhythms, grooves, and instruments than her previous, which give the music more textures and layers.  Standout tracks are "Kingdom of Mountains," a 7 minute track, as I like the longer length in tracks, especially in meditation music.  "Delicate Rainbow Flower" is pure beauty, and the instruments blend together harmoniously.  When I close my eyes and listen to "Yunnan," I get transported to China.  Much of Teng's music can take you to different worlds if you just clear your thoughts and listen.



New Age music is still a valid sonic solution in the post 9-11 world of America. Global warming and endless violence in our culture and country has left people with hypertension and chronic despair. One answer is musical therapy and one album that fits the bill to a tee is Kingdom Of Mountains by the musical group called Mystic Journey. The ten track CD is filled with titles with names like “Delicate Rainbow Flower”, “I Dream Of A Castle” and “Lebanese Girl”, but idealistic thoughts aside, Mystic Journey creates music that will improve your soul and change your life for the better. Players taking part on the Kingdom Of Mountains album include Suzanne Teng (world flutes), Gilbert Levy (world strings, percussion), Dann Torres (guitar, oud) and Jon Ossman (bass, dilruba). Mystic Journey gives life to instrumental World Music that is both ethereal and exotic, as well as soulful and healing. In his album liner notes, no less a musical authority than John Densmore (founding member and drummer of rock legends The Doors) has said that after listening to Mystic Journey, “your inner inner windshield wipers will have washed off what you don’t need”. If you’re down from the troubles of the world or in actual physical pain brought about by the stress of 21st century living, take a good listen to Mystic Journey's Kingdom Of Heaven and take your heart and soul on a most illuminating ride through inner space. presents an interview with
Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy 
of Mystic Journey

mwe3: Can you tell the readers how long Mystic Journey has been performing and recording together, who are the band founders and who is in the band now? Mystic Journey has a great sonic chemistry on the new Kingdom Of Mountains CD. Where is the band from originally and how did you meet? Sounds like sonic destiny brought you together.

Suzanne Teng: Mystic Journey started as a hippie band in the early 1990’s. I was living in the Bohemian mountain town of Topanga in the Los Angeles hills and we called ourselves Topanga. Over the years, the band evolved into Mystic Journey and in 1998 when I met Gilbert, the band solidified and we recorded our first album, which was titled Mystic Journey. There have been many different band members and guest artists over the years but for our second CD Miles Beyond, our band mates were Fritz Heede on strings and Barry Newton on string bass. 

Gilbert Levy: About ten years ago, Dann Torres and Jon Ossman became the “significant others” of Mystic Journey.

Suzanne is from Berkeley, California originally. I’m from New Orleans and we met in Los Angeles where we both spent several decades living. Jon is from New York and Dann is a L.A. local. We met them in L.A. and definitely have a great sonic chemistry. 

Suzanne: They are our brothers and we love them dearly. We have such a great time when we’re together, which isn’t nearly often enough, especially now that we live in different states, and we love playing music together. 

Gilbert: We are so lucky to have them in our lives. Their sense of humor and their solid character and beautiful musicianship are priceless.

mwe3: How did Kingdom Of Mountains come together and when was the music written recorded? How many albums has Mystic Journey released and is the Mystic Journey sound an extension of Suzanne’s solo albums? How many albums does Suzanne have as a solo artist?

Suzanne Teng / Gilbert Levy: We started recording tracks not long after we released our third album Enchanted Wind. That was years ago, but it wasn’t until about a year ago that the pieces started to really flow and we felt we had the album.

Mystic Journey was our debut album. Miles Beyond represented our band sound. Enchanted Wind is primarily a solo flute album of flute meditations. Kingdom Of Mountains is our fourth album and is definitely an extension of Suzanne’s flute sound enhanced by a broader sonic landscape and attention to contemporary production concepts.

mwe3: Was the Kingdom Of Mountains album inspired by your moving to Santa Fe and how would you compare Santa Fe to where you were living in California? Is there a different musical mindset between recording in Santa Fe compared with California?

Suzanne Teng / Gilbert Levy: We moved from Los Angeles to Santa Fe to have a more peaceful life and raise our son Miles, who had an almost mystical connection to this town. The song and album title Kingdom Of Mountains comes from an early description of Santa Fe he put to paper shortly after we moved here. It has stuck with us.

It is really beautiful here and we have a great home and studio. It’s quiet and our closest neighbors are far enough that we don’t hear them. In our last home, we had to work around slamming car doors, dogs barking, dryers… yes, our neighbor had her dryer outdoors, and an unending stream of airplanes. 

The one thing we miss the most though, is having so many incredible musicians that we knew and played with, close by.

mwe3: Suzanne’s flute sound is central to the Mystic Journey sound. Can Suzanne tell the readers how many flutes she has and which ones are featured on the new Mystic Journey album? What is involved with Suzanne being an endorsed artist for Yamaha and AKG? What other instruments does Suzanne play and on what instrument does she write her music?

Suzanne Teng: I have several hundred flutes in my collection but many of them are the same type of flute, just different keys. On Kingdom Of Mountains, I play mostly alto and bass flutes, which I feel are my primary voices. I also play the dizi (Chinese bamboo flute), hulusi (Chinese gourd instrument), bass Native American flute and bamboo flute. 

I perform and record on my Yamaha alto and bass flutes. I teach clinics around the country and represent Yamaha on these low flutes, also called Harmony Flutes. I used to perform a lot with a wireless AKG mic but now mostly play into a stationary mic.

I play the Turkish ney and zurna, Indonesian suling which is a lovely bamboo flute that I have custom made in Bali. I import and sell them to others since I so love this flute. Other flutes include Native American flutes, ocarina, Egyptian mijwiz, Bulgarian dvoyanka, panpipes, penny whistle, African fulani flute and others. The instruments inspire the pieces I write for them. I mostly write on the alto flute, which is the one I can most fully express myself on.

mwe3: The percussion sound is also key to the Mystic Journey sound. How many different instruments does Gilbert play and what is his background in music as far as how he got started on drums? When did he play with the Marsalis brothers and what other session work does look fondly back on? What is Gilbert’s favorite drum kit and who are his favorite drummers and percussionists?

Gilbert Levy: Over the years, my percussion sound has evolved. I studied tabla and North Indian classical music, which informed my drum set playing and vice versa. Part of my journey was shaped by a significant injury to my right hand, which caused me to reconfigure how I approached drums in general and to learn to play with my left hand. The positive aspect of this is it’s caused the drum/percussion approach to our music to be much more compositional. I found myself playing a lot of drum kit on this album because it called me but the hand drums are represented by frame drum, dumbek, udu, sabar, and largely the hang. For those who don’t know about the hang, it is the most marvelous metal melodic drum ever.

Coming from New Orleans, I was inundated with the beautiful poly rhythms that are native to the New Orleans sound. Lucky me. Even though I loved and was influenced by Mitch Mitchell and Ginger Baker, etc., it was easy to dive into the beautiful world rhythms coming from African and the Middle East and South America.

For some reason the only instrument I knew I wanted to play was the drums at a young age. Strings and keyboards came later, especially after my hand injury. 

Many years ago, when I lived in New Orleans we had many touring bands and Branford and Wynton both played with us at various times. I’ll never forget 11pm on a Saturday night during a break, Wynton doing homework!

I have a hybrid drum-kit comprised of African drums with elements of a conventional drum kit and I incorporate hand and finger drums in and around the drum kit.

I would have to say Zakir Hussein, Eric Harland and Trilok Gurtu are my most significant drumming influences. 

mwe3: Is there a set way the music on Kingdom Of Mountains was made? Is there a lot of improvisation on the new album or is there more structure on certain songs? Do you prefer to record in the same room with the other members or do you record in different locations? It’s amazing how far the recording world has come in the past twenty years alone and now with artists and band members emailing in their parts and it’s like a drag ‘n’ drop paradise.

Suzanne Teng: Every piece we write is created differently. Sometimes we start with a recorded flute part and add to it. Sometimes it’s adding on top of a rhythm track. Some are purely improvised and others are more thought out and composed. But all of them start with and incorporate some improvisation. 

We usually record one track at a time, or sometimes the two of us will record together, but we haven’t had the luxury of recording all four of us together in a pristine recording environment, but we’re planning on it!

mwe3: How did Mystic Journey decide to bring Dann M. Torres and Jon Ossman into the group and what do they add to the sound? Do Dann and Jon add more of an ambient jazz sound to the mix? I saw Jon plays sitar too.

Gilbert Levy: A natural musical affinity from the beginning attracted us to Jon and Dann. And as we said earlier, their humor and character drew us in to their magical musical world.

I would say Dann adds ambient sophistication with his elegant guitar playing not to mention his oud, which is not always necessarily played in a traditional way. 

Jon has so much musical experience that he can hang with or add to anything we do. He has studied classical sitar and plays the dilruba with us quite a bit.

If you feel a jazz lilt, it’s probably from my New Orleans background.

mwe3: How did you arrange the quote on the Kingdom Of Mountains from John Densmore? With so many of the original 1960s Doors fans now in their own 60s and early 70s, is the music of Mystic Journey a therapeutic, sonic antidote for the stress of the 21st century? Is John Densmore a kind of New Age fan? What an honor to have a quote from one of America’s greatest rock drumming legends!

Suzanne Teng: John is a friend of ours and is a supporter of our music. He comes to our concerts and we feel he really gets what we’re after. I asked him if he’d feel like giving us a quote and he graciously had no hesitation. He’s quite a man with words.

We’d love to think that our music is a therapeutic, sonic antidote for the stress of the 21st century!

mwe3: Is the future looking bright for Mystic Journey? With such a high level of musicianship in the band now could you guys be on the verge of breaking new sonic ground for the entire New Age / Ambient World Jazz world? What other sonic destinations are you planning to visit next and are there other recording projects, shows and more planned for 2018?

Gilbert Levy: We sure feel the future is looking bright for Mystic Journey! We are on a roll creatively and we’ve established methods for working together that bring us joy. We don’t intend to break new sonic ground but we’re not letting anything hold us back. We appreciate the sonic intelligence of, for example, contemporary rap music and are open to any influences and/or inspirations that come our way.

Suzanne Teng: I love the phrase New Age/Ambient World Jazz sound for our music! We have several tracks recorded for the next CD and some exciting shows, including a tour in the country of Lebanon.

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SILVER MEDAL Mystic Journey -- Kingdom of Mountains

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 SILVER MEDAL Mystic Journey -- Midnight in Bamako -- Kingdom of Mountains



WFCF, Florida (Wings Radio Show)

“Mystic Journey’s Kingdom of Mountains is some of the best music I have heard in awhile.”

World's #1 Music Forum!

Mystic Journey is one of those groups who make perfect new age music -- soft and gentle, melodic and mesmerizing, relaxing yet rejuvenating, enveloping and interesting, peaceful but world-fusion textured.  Their fourth album, KINGDOM OF MOUNTAINS is simply gorgeous.  Led by flutist Suzanne Teng (who has performed with other artists on hundreds of recordings), the band also features percussionist Gilbert Levy (who has played with Wynton and Branford Marsalis), guitarist Dann Torres (Solace, Naked Rhythm, Shaman's Dream, Azam Ali) and bassist Jon Ossman (Marc Cohn, Blood Sweat and Tears, Paula Cole and Chris Botti), although the entire band also plays other ethnic instruments too on this new recording.  Do not miss out on this excellent multi-cultural music.


Improvijazzation Nation, Music & Opinion for the 21st Century

Mystic Journey – KINGDOM OF MOUNTAINS:  What a group – Suzanne Teng (world flutes), Gilbert Levy (world strings and percussion), Dann Torres (guitar and oud), and Jon Ossman (bass and dilruba)… and what a JOYOUS set of music!  Ten all-original creations that will lift you to new heights and give you inspiration for going even farther… just absorb the highly talented integration of percussion and strings on “Home“, and you will be a believer… I listen to this piece over and over again whenever I need encouragement to continue my journey.  This is exactly the kind of music we need to introduce our children to, at the earliest age possible… you’ll hear why I say that when you listen to the 4:42 “Delicate Rainbow Flower” – that flute just SOARS on this beautiful piece.  Usually when I read the words “long anticipated” in a promo sheet, I automatically assume that it was the artists who were waiting for it to come together… NOT SO for Mystic Journey… when they play tunes like my personal favorite of the ten offered up, “Viento“, I am reminded that our world is NOT a place for politicians and preachers to glorify themselves… it is, rather, a place for peaceful spirits like the folks in Mystic Journey to guide us toward our ultimate destination – tranquility and love for each being on our planet.  I give these great players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99.  Get more information on the Mystic Journey website.           


-- Rotcod Zzaj [Doctor jazz]

One World Music Radio

Kingdom Of Mountains 

Review Written by Steve Sheppard 

 "Kingdom Of Mountains by Mystic Journey is one of those albums you cannot afford to miss out on, the album has a stunning production quality, the performances from each and every artist are of utter quality and thus I have absolutely no problem totally recommending this release, it is easily one of the most magnificent and scenic albums I have heard for ages, an absolute must buy."


My wife and station manager Chrissie Sheppard had been praising this album from the roof tops, so I was more than pleased to get a chance to review it and take a listen to something that she had already given a ringing endorsement to. Chrissie does indeed have excellent taste, and Mystic Journey is well named. 


I began my journey one late July afternoon in the sweltering Cyprus heat. The day was roasting; the sort of heat that melts the endurance of the traveller and asks him to take shelter and rest for a while. I was fortunate enough to have this album by my side and that journey began its first few steps with the track Subhadra. The performance on this piece was a perfect remedy to the draining relentless heat; the flute from Teng so deep and so moving, her rich and colourful narrative was only given extra weight by the most delightful and creative percussion of Gilbert Levy


Home is our next sojourn of music; this album is so delightfully chilled it will bring peace and tranquillity to all that listen to its beautiful refrains. This is so laid back and smooth and wonderfully arranged, Levy and Teng make the perfect partnership on a track that is as warm as the heart, and home is where the heart is, right? 


We now arrive at our next musical stop and this is the grand central station of the title track, that ultimate moment when we learn about the entire project, that moment when we see the passion and intent of the musicians as they bring us their signature offering. After the first two splendid pieces, now we languish in the realm of Kingdom Of Mountains. We can be completely satisfied here with this film score styled offering, the sheer beauty of this track and the simply stunning performance by Teng on flutes is off the scale, the added instrumentation within the construction of this composition is like creating a painting with a multi myriad palate of paints and with each stroke, perfection is

created, a simply outstanding moment of musical mastery can be found here. 


Midnight in Bamako is one of those pieces that you could easily just get lost in. The scene of night is perfectly set and we seem to both hover and float around this nocturnal location, partnered by some of the most laid back and peace driven music of our day. Listen to Teng on flute here, this has to be one of the most confident and sublime performances on flute I have heard for years. 


On Delicate Rainbow Flower we arrive at a composition that is so carefully played, note the bass here in this piece, and while Jon Ossman delivers a perfect depth to the track Suzanne Teng reigns supreme with a lively performance so redolent to that of the UK’s legendary flutist Nigel Shaw


I found something very lifting about the track Yunnan. The tempo was upbeat and a real eastern flavour was created with a lush back drop of sound and colour, the guitars of Dann Torres danced beautifully with Teng’s flutes, in a piece that really lifted the energies and raised the rhythms. 


As we now move into the deeper waters of the release we come across something rather special called Viento. The lively skills of multi percussionist Gilbert Levy create such imagery and rhythm here. Teng’s mastery also created a layered sense of an almost sensual motif within the composition that made this piece completely undeniable. 


On En Passant we have a track that contains a defined sense of movement within its construction, the multi instrumentation and nature of this offering is sublime and manifests for us a journey within a journey. This is one of those; I must listen to many times over tracks, a composition that has a really addictive essence about its arrangement. 


Our penultimate offering is entitled I Dream of a Castle. The Teng and Levy combination once more brings into our musical realm, a piece that contains a picturesque vibration about its construction, some simply amazing percussion, perfectly timed and weighted and a flute that seems to create a musical web of an increasing emotional nature, that hovers all around our melodic and harmonious awareness. 


So we have reached the final port of call for our voyage with the band Mystic Journey, it is called Lebanese Girl. Lebanon the location is not that far from my current location and within this piece we seem to be right back at the start, sheltering from the midday heat under a palm tree or preferably at the nearest taverna. A sultry offering, one that shimmers with the intensity of the day and hangs and drifts like sand in the desert. I must admit I have now listened to this piece three times in a row and I am completely captivated by its beauty, this is without doubt my favourite track off the release. 


Kingdom Of Mountains by Mystic Journey is one of those albums you cannot afford to miss out on, the album has a stunning production quality, the performances from each and every artist are of utter quality and thus I have absolutely no problem totally recommending this release, it is easily one of the most magnificent and scenic albums I have heard for ages, an absolute must buy.

Buzz Music - A Springboard to Great Music



Endorsed by the likes of the Dalai Lama, John Densmore of The Doors, kora master Prince Diabate from West Africa, and the Independent Music Awards as well as the International Acoustic Music Awards, the group Mystic Journey has performed all over the world winning many fans and followers with a serene, gentle, meditative yet mesmerizing, world music sound featuring out-front the lovely tones of the many flutes of Suzanne Teng.  The other talented members of the group are percussionist Gilbert Levy, guitarist Dann Torres and bassist Jon Ossman.  All four members of the group double-up and also play a huge assortment of world-music instruments ranging from oud and dilruba, to dulcimer, saz, udu, ngoni, sabar, khol and tanpura.  But their sound never gets heavy-handed or heavily-ethnic.  It stays light and relaxing.  The flutes are easily discernable in any setting, but some of the wonderful world backing instrumentation can best be heard at loud volume or using headphones.
The new album, Kingdom of Mountains, starts with the meditative, “Subhadra,” like an opening prayer, and then becomes a bit more active with the lovely “Home,” the fancy flute fingering of “Delicate Rainbow Flower” and the high-flute, quick-paced “Yunnan.”  Then the recording slows again towards the end with the near-ambient musings of “I Dream of a Castle” and “Lebanese Girl.”  Each track has something to offer and they generally open their musical petals like a flower in the sun to show their beauty.  More than just music, this is like a warm cloak in winter or a wet, soothing cloth on a hot brow in the summer -- comforting, consoling, restful and reassuring.


Antropomusic, Nuestra musica



Mixing sounds of various instruments with characteristics of worlds music, the North American group Mystic journey draws landscapes and situations from various places through their new work "Kingdom of Mountains."


With the strong presence of flutes of different cultures played by Suzanne Teng, the strings and percussion instruments of different countries contributed by Gilbert Levy, Dann Torres playing guitar and Arabic oud, and the presence of Jon Ossman on bass and dilruba from India, Mystic Journey is creating climates in which it is possible to submerge to be carried to different corners of the planet through evocations done with seriousness and deep knowledge.


The trip through different cultures related to the mountain has an air of ritual, a moment of contemplation of landscapes, the actions of the climate.  "Kingdom of Mountains" is going through geographies and expressing cultural characteristics.  As an essential elixir, it extracts and turns into sound peculiarities related to the beauty, the customs and discovering those particular and unique gems that inhabit the streets of a village of some corner of the human universe.


The Teng - Levy marriage experience is catalyzed in the ten compositions of their own authorship on this new album.  The pieces written by this team utilize numerous particular and beautiful instruments from all over the world. In addition to classical Western instruments such as flutes, guitars and keyboards, they utilize the network of sound emanating from instruments originating in China, India, Arab countries, Middle East or different regions of Africa and America.


Mystic Journey is the name of the group that was consolidated over the years.  Their first discs were listed under the name of Suzanne Teng (“Mystic Journey” and “Enchanted Wind”) or Suzanne Teng and Mystic Journey (“Miles Beyond”), but throughout the years, after playing throughout the United States and different countries of the world, the whole group developed a particular synergy, a mystique that has gaining its own territory until now it is clearly defined in this new work.  It was thus perfect to simply use the name Mystic Journey as the group’s name for this new work.



Mystic Journey, "Kingdom of Mountains" is available for download on Amazon UK


Mystic Journey, "Kingdom of Mountains" is available for download at Amazon USA and Americas.


Zone Music Reporter, The Industry Source for New Age, World, Ambient...




The Mystic Journey album, Kingdom of Mountains, features world-flutist Suzanne Teng and is an exceptional, soft, relaxing, meditative, melodic recording of world-fusion instrumental music. 

This group is Suzanne Teng on multitudes of flutes, Gilbert Levy on world percussion, Dann Torres on guitars, and Jon Ossman on bass (although the entire band does double duty on various ethnic instrumentation). The music on this new recording features flute but with lots of world instrumentation including dilruba, dizi, hulusi, keyboards, swaramandala, percussion, drumkit, hang drum, dulcimer, saz, udu, ngoni, sabar, khol, frame drum, gamelan gong, tanpura, guitars, ebow, oud and bass.

Mystic Journey has played all over the world and were featured performers each year at the Dalai Lama’s World Festival of Sacred Music. Teng has performed on hundreds of recordings as well as soundtracks for films, television shows and commercials.

Check out the lovely melody on “Home.” Or for something a bit more upbeat than the rest, try “Yunnan.” This is their fourth album. It is perfect for both lovers of new age and world-feeling music.



Rating: Excellent


WKNH (Planetary Prismatic Psonics Show)

“I have listened to the album myself 12 times the first week.”

Keys and Chords (Belgium)

The band Mystic Journey consists of: Suzanne Teng (flute), Gilbert Levy (strings, percussion, synthesizers), Dann M. Torres (guitar, old, electric sitar), and Jon Ossman (bass and dilruba). They bring instrumental world music, which sounds exotic, soulful and healing. The band has won several awards, such as twice the Independent Music Awards, the International Acoustic Music Awards, and the Los Angeles Music Awards. Their music was heard in independent film and video projects, and in NBC's America's Got Talent. Teng and Levy from Santa Fe wrote all the songs for this new CD. The songs sound ethereal and evocative, with instruments from all over the world, such as the African bass harp ngoni (on the track 'Midnight in Bamako'), bass dulcimer, Turkish saz, Chinese dizi, bawu and hulusi, Turkish ney and zurna, Indonesian starch, pan-flute, penny whistles, American Indian flutes, ocarinas, West African fulani, Egyptian mewiz, Bulgarian dvoyanka. Ideal if you want to take a mysterious world trip!


Midwest Record

It’s not lip service that this crew is committed to healing. The world beat tranquility of this set with help you…that’s for sure.  Check it out and let the healing begin.

Wisconsin Bookwatch

"Kingdom of Mountains is a choice pick for meditative contemplation or fostering emotional serenity, and is highly recommended for connoisseurs of new age beauty."

Magle International Music Forums

Mystic Journey Band Offers Quality World-Fusion Along With Tranquility


Mystic Journey has evolved into a top-notch world-fusion band. It started a decade or two ago with world flutist Suzanne Teng making solo albums called Mystic Journey and Enchanted Wind with her touring band taking on the Mystic Journey moniker. By the time of her third album, Miles Beyond, they were billed on the album as Suzanne Teng & Mystic Journey. And now the evolution is complete as the entity has simply become Mystic Journey. Their new album, Kingdom of Mountains, demonstrates their tight-knit cohesion and integrity, their poise and interaction, and their willingness to bring serenity, tranquility and meditative relaxation into their musical sphere. It is a journey well worth taking.


The recording begins with the very soft, slow and mellow “Subhadra” followed by the gently-flowing “Home” and then the title track with a deep Native American flute playing off the bass and Mid-Eastern stringed instruments. The music picks up the pace in the middle of the album with “Delicate Rainbow Flower” (active flute and electric guitar soloing) and “Yunnan” (a high-register flute over a quiet synth with another tasty guitar solo). “Viento” offers complex percussion and an echoey, but vibrant flute. “En Passant” sounds a bit like avant-garde-ambient with a didgeridoo drone on it. The ambient-spacey sounds continue on the last two pieces -- “I Dream of a Castle” with its ringing percussion, and the slow and mellow “Lebanese Girl” with its shimmery stringed instrument and moody flute part.


This is an entrancing, soul-stirring album with fine performances. Recommended for flute or world-fusion lovers, or fans of relaxing, peaceful, healing new age music.


Billboard Magazine

 "Sensual and Serene…Mystic Journey is an impressive solo debut.  Highly Recommended.”  


Suzanne Teng is a student of the flute, playing variations on this instrument from around the world on her impressive solo debut. Sensual and serene, Teng orchestrates a global percussion landscape with Gilbert Levy, sending improvisations across a slow dance on “Topanga Dreams,” creating a Middle Eastern tango on “Katyia’s Dance,” and bringing out a ritual dance on “China Lily.” On “Aduman,” Teng is joined by African kora player Prince Diabate in a vibrant narrative of cross-picked melodies. Because she is often inspired by dance, one can hear her rhythms and melodies flowing with the form of bodies in motion. And when exhaustion sets in, Teng envelopes the listener in a meditative space of “Clouds Across the Darkness,” with a multi-tracked bass flute blowing across wind chimes and a Tibetan singing bowl. ‘Mystic Journey’ is an impressive debut from a former member of the Angels of Venice.” 


Los Angeles Times

 " Suzanne Teng plays music for the soul.  This is a lovely album.  Its music will stay with me for a lifetime."

Music Connection Magazine

 "…a sweet, ethereal musical journey…an East meets West production orchestrated by Teng's delightful flute performances and the joy that emanates from her soul when she plays."


"Here's a sweet, ethereal musical journey by an L.A. based instrumentalist who is joined by 17 master musicians featuring flutes, strings and percussion instruments from around the world. Nicely produced, the music is influenced by various spiritual disciplines and includes melodies from China, Africa and India. This CD is an East meets West production orchestrated by Teng's delightful flute performances and the joy that emanates from her soul when she plays." (MYSTIC JOURNEY)

Los Angeles Times

"…brilliant flutist…"

Rhythm Magazine

 "Teng's chops are fluid and lithe, and the accompanists seamlessly augment her musical message."


Teng is the flute-wielding conductor of Mystic Journey, a contemporary world music ensemble that blends old and new, alternating between the mellow and the motivated. Teng handles a world-spanning plethora of
wind instruments, while Gilbert Levy tackles a broad array of percussion. Other players add harmonium, harp, dulcimer, frame drum, kora and more. Topics include community (“Topanga Dreams”), inner serenity (“China Lily”), tribal continuity (“Aduman”) and new opportunities (“Darjeeling Sunrise”). Teng’s chops are fluid and lithe, and the accompanists seamlessly augment her musical messages.

Yogi Times

"The expression of this CD comes from a deep place, yet speaks musically in reverence to all people who become aware of the "breath of God." (ENCHANTED WIND)


Suzanne was once part of the Angels of Venice, a trio of women who began in the world of classical music and gradually expanded into the realm of world music.  Over the course of her three solo CDs, Suzanne has found a similar journey, always flute-centered, which spanned the globe for influences, cultural reference points, and rhythmic elements that carried the songs to their spirited realization. Prior releases, like her debut "Mystic Journey," with Hans Christian, Dave Stringer and others on hand, might be more suitable for flow yoga, while her recent "Miles Beyond" is more of a rhythmic exploration from various faraway lands on which Gilbert Levy plays all manner of hand percussion. "Enchanted Wind" is the newest release, subtitled "Flute Meditations for the Heart & Soul", and it completes the circle  back to music that finds simplicity at its core by offering music for peace, love and healing.  These beautiful meditations are played on alto flute, bass flute, bamboo flutes and the rare contrabass flute with delicate arrangements on harp, dulcimer, harmonium and zithers. Bobbie Jo Curley plays Celtic harp, Suzanne's partner and co-producer Gilbert Levy plays harmonium, tambura, bamboo wind chimes, kartals, and keyboards, and she plays all the rest. The expression of this CD comes from a deep place, yet speaks musically in reverence to all people who become aware of the "breath of God". 'Above the Clouds," a track with Suzanne's alto flute and Bobbie's heavenly harp playing, attracts accompaniment from a sweet little bird who lends his song to the track as well! This is quiet music for quiet times.

LA Yoga

"Teng’s Enchanted Wind is just beautiful from start to finish.  With her Eastern heritage and spiritual path Teng offers music that is extremely organic and her gentle notes are fertilized with enough love and compassion to fill the galaxy with peace." (ENCHANTED WIND)


Topanga Canyon's favorite flute master has released a new album of personal compositions.  Though life partner Gilbert Levy is credited as producer and accompanist, it is very evident that the seven meditative tracks here have been sketched by Teng's spirited soul.  A bit of a departure from her usual work with the popular Mystic Journey group, Enchanted Wind is blessed by “flute meditations for the heart and soul.”  The entire record focuses on Teng’s performance on the alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute, an assortment of bamboo flutes, dizi, swaramandala and the ghu zheng with some auspicious companionship contributed with angelic harp flutters and reserved percussive shakers and chimes.

Teng’s Enchanted Wind is just beautiful from start to finish.  With her Eastern heritage and spiritual path Teng offers music that is extremely organic and her gentle notes are fertilized with enough love and compassion to fill the galaxy with peace.  I highly recommend this release for all healing occasions, while keeping in mind that this is not Teng with Mystic Journey, but Teng sending us a hug with her kind maternal vibrations.
-Michael R. Mollura

Yoga Journal

 "Beautifully produced CD…a classically trained virtuoso and ethnomusicologist…."


Suzanne Teng’s flute playing is all over the map. On Mystic Journey, that’s a good thing. “Topanga Dreams,” the beautifully produced CD’s beguiling opening track, seems to start in India, with droning tamboura, percoloating tabla, and jingling ankle bells in the mix. But before long, Celti harp, bongos, string bass, marimba, keyboards, and other instruments help transport Teng’s lushly overdubbed flutes and piccolo

to a nonspecific cultural region all its own.

As her global sojourn continues through nine other contemplative and celebaratory tracks, the music touches down in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South and North America. A Southern California-based,
classically trained virtuoso and ethnomusicologist who leads a large performance ensemble also named Mystic Journey, Teng plays traditional silver flutes as well as their relatives from China (the bamboo dize), Turkey (the ney), and the Andes (pan pipes). Her ambitious cross-cultural vision impels her to weave her fluid solos through accompaniment that includes guitars, djembe, oud, sarangi, kora, mbira, cello, dulcimer, harmonium, Tibetan bowls, zithers, windchimes, and a plethora of ethnic percussion.

Some of the upbeat numbers boast immediate pop accessiblity through lilting melodies and infectious dance rhythms, while others create simpler, more spacious listening environments in keeping with Teng’s reputation as a composer for healing practices like yoga and meditation.

Whole Life Times

 "Mystic Journey is an apt title for this CD, which lifts the listener to a place where beauty, ecstasy and tranquility reside."


Mystic Journey is an apt title for this CD, which lifts the listener to a place where beauty, ecstasy and tranquility reside. A literal world fusion orgy, this CD features 18 master musicians on a plethora of flutes, strings, and percussion instruments from around the world - C flute, alto flute, Chinese bamboo flute, pan pipes, Celtic harp, African harp, Tibetan cymbal, tabla, doumbek, Chinese drum, shakers, string bass, oud, violin, Indian zither - the instruments are too numerous to name here. The resulting sound is full and rich without giving way to modern electric instruments; keyboards are the sole non-acoustic instrument played here.

Above the tapestry that the various instruments create is Suzanne Teng’s flute, sometimes soaring like a bird taking flight, other times evoking subtler shades and moods. The 10 original songs, written by Teng and other collaborators, are inspired by the East (China, India, the Middle East and Africa) and fused with the West, and by nature (a sunrise in India, clouds, lakes). The opening song, “Topanga Dreams,” is an ode to the town where Teng resides, and starts the album off on an uplifting tone. “China Lily” invokes the Far East with Teng on the dize (Chinese bamboo flute). The album reaches a peak with the song “Fertile Crescent,” which starts off slowly, then jumps into a fast-paced Turkish song replete with oud (Arabic lute), dumbek and ney (Turkish flute) that’s implssible to sit still to!

After that, things quiet down a bit. “Clouds Across the Darkness” evokes just that; it’s a slow, moody piece with sparse instrumentation (bass flute, wind chimes and Tibetan bowl) as opposed to the more than a dozen instruments played on other songs. Finally, the album flickers out quietly with “Lotus.”

I’ve heard a lot of CDs (most of them in the so-called New Age genre) that claim to elevate and inspire, but turn out to be over-produced, heavily synthesized and disappointing. Mystic Journey, however, delivers the goods.

"...the music itself is timeless.' (ENCHANTED WIND)


We think this brand new arrival by global flutist Suzanne Teng is her best yet: seven long tracks that showcase her sinuous, slowly unfolding melodies on the alto flute, bass flute, and the rare contrabass flute. The mood here is profoundly quiet and serene; there are no beats at all and the accompaniment on harp, dulcimer, harmonium, and zither is delicate and minimal. The approach shows the full scope of Teng's talent too; stripped of adornment, you really hear how masterful her tone and breath control are, and the music itself is timeless. Listen after a stressful day and marvel, as we did, at how completely it dissolves tension.

New Age Voice Magazine

 "This is one of the sweetest flute albums to come along in a while."


"This is one of the sweetest flute albums to come along in a while. All original music leading a stellar ensemble, including such well-know musicians as Martin Tillman, Prince Diabate, Hans Christian, Greg Ellis and Gilbert Levy. An eclectic mix of instruments includes frame drums, dumbek, cello, harp, bass and tamboura, among others. The overall sound is a sort of Middle Eastern, Celtic, gypsy and Asian hybrid. And here again, the spirit of jazz touches them all. Listen, for example, to "Topanga Dreams" and "Darjeeling Sunrise" and the smooth jazz fan will feel right at home, yet the world music aficionado will find a lot to like too. "Katyia's Dance" and "Fertile Crescent" bring out the infectious warmth that seems to naturally flow from the Middle Eastern/gypsy compositions and seems to draw the dancers' bodies into motion, which, in turn, inspires the band to even sweeter passages. But before you think you know where the album is going, "China Lily" is a more Zen arrangement featuring Teng on the bamboo flute. Or how about a duet between bass flute and Tibetan bowl, like on "Clouds Across the Darkness?" This is a set of music loaded with lovely melodic touches, and plenty of pleasant surprises. If flute is one of the instruments you most love, you will want to hear this one."

Bostonia Magazine

“Teng’s instrument of choice is the flute, and she plays a variety of them with masterful ease...Teng has made a rarity: a record that withstands close listening and can be a caliming influence in the midst of a hectic day." (MYSTIC JOURNEY)

Teng’s instrument of choice is the flute, and she plays a variety of them with masterful ease on this, her first solo recording. It’s hard to say where she fits in - her style isn’t really world music or New Age. It might be called contemplative, with an international flavor. On several tracks the Chinese influence is strong, as Teng plays a dize (a Chinese bamboo flute). But she’s equally adept with the ney (a Turkish flute), with backing from an oud (a Middle Eastern lute) and dumbek (a type of drum). She has brought together quite an ensemble here, eighteen musicians on a wide variety of instruments, playing her compositions with ease. Teng has made a rarity: a record that withstands close listening and can be a caliming influence in the midst
of a hectic day.

Yogi Times

 "…rich and harmonious soundscapes…an imaginative world tour…unique and refreshing."


A diverse, cross-continental mix of sounds and musical influences grace this new release. Suzanne Teng, an award-winning artist with PhD studies in Ethnomusicology as well as music and healing, has created memorable and uplifting compositions that merge cultures and melt boundaries.


Teng's rich and harmonious soundscapes often begin with melodies played on Turkish, Chinese and Indonesian flutes. These are layered with the voices of a variety of instruments including flamenco guitar, sitar and didgeridoo as well as hand drums from Iran, India, Africa and Egypt. All are skillfully played by Teng, her husband Gilbert Levy and other accomplished musicians.


The songs reflect their instrumental diversity, taking you on an imaginative world tour. The first piece is reminiscent of a Native American ceremony of the American Southwest. From there, we travel on to Babylonia where the rhythms take on a Middle Eastern feel. Balinese and Guatemalan melodies are also represented in Teng's unique and refreshing way.


Sensual and serene, this recording also reflects the love between Teng and Levy. On "Chicoy," we enter a magical cave in Guatemala where a shaman priest performs a spontaneous wedding ceremony for Teng and Levy.

LA Yoga

 "Musical gems that feel as honest and as pure as any instrumental music heard today.  Beautiful melodies that just soar through the ears with grace and ease."


Here's a release from one of Topanga Canyon's sweetest artists. With MILES BEYOND, flutist Suzanne Teng and percussionist Gilbert Levy string together a series of musical gems that feel as hones and as pure as any instrumental music heard today. The music blends Hindu and Asian influences with hints of African rhythms to complete the feel.


Of all of Teng's releases, this album seems appropriately titled since it feels like it goes miles beyond anywhere she has gone before as a composer. MILES BEYOND exemplifies Teng and Levy's growth as artists and as human beings with beautiful melodies that just soar through the ears with grace and ease. Levy uses Indian tablas, khol, karals and an assortment of shakers to produce a rich steady rhythm for which Teng performs her magic on the flute. All the tunes here were written, arranged and produced by Teng and Levy with some help from Fritz Heede.

Music Design in Review

"Miles Beyond covers a lot of ground, culture-wise...a contemporary southwestern flair...exoticism of the Middle East and India...enchanting sonorities of the Far East...miles beyond shows that not only is Teng an amazingly versatile flutist, but a highly skilled one as well."


Former Angels of Venice instrumentalist Suzanne Teng embarks on her second ethnic-flavored album of flute/wind music with MILES BEYOND. Building off the ideas she put forth on her debut release, MILES BEYOND covers a lot of ground culture-wise. "Sierra," for example, has a contemporary Southwestern flair akin to a Nicholas Gunn tune. The two tunes that follow - "Babylonians" and "Sitara," plunge the listener into the exoticism of the Middle East and India respectively through the use of bamboo flute, percussion indigenous to both cultures and sitar. African music influences "Motherland" and "Tien's Lullaby" displays the enchanting sonorities of the Far East. MILES BEYOND shows that not only is Teng an amazingly versatile flutist, but a highly skilled one as well.

Flute Talk

 "…displays Teng's artistic and facile use of ethnic flutes…"

 "… you really hear how masterful her tone and breath control are, and the music itself is timeless."

 “Suzanne Teng’s flute beckons the soul to retreat to a soothing, relaxing place…magnificent flute…”

Public Radio International (ECHOES nationally syndicated show)

"One of the top ten albms of 2003...Miles Beyond is a meticulously composed and arranged work...that uses traditional sounds for a new pan-global music."


After several year's wait, flute player Suzanne Teng returns with a follow up to her imposing solo debut, Mystic Journey. Miles Beyond picks up on the global rhythms and world flutes that made her debut so compelling. The core of the album is Teng and percussionist Gilbert Levy, playing flutes and hand drums from India, Africa, Eygpt, and Persia. Their melodies and rhythms spiral off each other in desert arabesques. Miles Beyond is a meticulously composed and arranged work with oud, string bass, keyboards and guitar fleshing out the sound in a music that uses traditional sounds for a new, pan-global music. Whether playing ocarina, Turkish ney, Indian bamboo flutes or the Balinese suling, she's a master pulling melodies out of the air and bending them in sensual, calligraphic designs. Miles Beyond is an auspicious first CD of the Month for 2004.

RegionRock Multimedia

"This album is AWESOME!!...hands down my favorite world music artist."

Music Connection Magazine

"One of my favorite albums, and I receive over 50 a's always in my cd player."

Radio Belarus

"Suzanne Teng plays different flutes (ocarina, bass flute, alto flute, ney, bamboo flutes, Native American Flute and many others) with album which is an integral one and is like nothing on earth."

Rustic Rag

" In Miles Beyond, Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy create a magical music rainbow with colorful instruments and sounds from around the world."


Outside in the intimate Theatricum Botanicum, the music of a flute is joined by the mysterious sounds of a guitar, dun dun, tar-rine, oud, didgeridoo, sitar, klong-yaw, and several other instruments from remote corners of the earth. We feel the warmth of the winds and we look up to the dark sky, the melody of a new flute takes us even higher. The Mystic Journey is unfolding, this is their new album, Miles Beyond


How does this simple, sensual music spark the familiar feeling we recognize as our own sadness and delight? The nine songs which comprise Miles Beyond, the new record from the Flutist of Topanga, Suzanne Teng & Mystic Journey featuring Gilbert Levy, are a sweeping musical offering to the spirits of Topangas' mountains and canyons, and to life miles beyond its borders.


Medicine Wheel conveys all the sweetness in the world, the first caresses of the sun in the morning mist. To go deeper on the mystical excursion, you simply have to unfasten your seatbelt as you hear the first notes of Sierra flow (a mountain with no name, its peak lost in the mists). Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy have transformed the drive into flight, an anthem full of hope for the future, a rainless land that will forever be verdant in the hearts of its people. 


When the Journey reaches the lively Babylonians, they take us beyond time. Joined by Fritz Heede on a saz from Turkey, Naser Musa on a Oud from the Middle East, and Andrew Werderitsch on a didgeridoo from Australia, the world as we know it shrinks. They are speaking directly to the soul of their listeners, filling our hearts with so much music, we can’t help but dance. Sitara, with its bamboo flutes, kartals, and sitar, whirls us into a mystic dance in much the same spirit. 


The two tracks Motherland and Suling perfectly illustrate the ambivalence of life’s journey, where melancholy constantly turns to the pursuit of joy and pleasure. They both feature the first recorded performance of Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy’s newborn baby Miles Teng-Levy, on rattle and bell. Suling, which is inspired by a Balinese melody Suzanne Teng heard in a Cafe in Bali, is soothing like a beautiful memory revived. 


The delicate tune Chicoy emerged from a musical offering Suzanne and Gilbert made to the spirits of a magical cave in Guatemala, where the couple were led through a spontaneous wedding ritual by a Shaman priest. With Topanga musician Kim Carroll on Guitar, Chicoy seems to resonate with all the mystery of every cave.


Miles Beyond is a spontaneous musical channeling dedicated to Suzanne and Gilbert's son, Miles. It is a piece beyond description, like incense to our ears. The solo finale Tien’s Lullaby features Suzanne Teng on dizi and ghu zheng, awakening us from an amazing Mystic Journey of dreaming.


Miles Beyond was recorded with musicians who have backed Suzanne Teng & Mystic Journey on stage since early 2000, and who have appeared on her previous album. It also features flutes from China, Turkey and Indonesia, and presents an array of hand drums from India, Africa, Egypt and Persia, which lend a particularly warm and vivid sound to the album.


Mystic Journey does not change, she simply carries on; and as she does, a more and more profound mystical experience unfolds. She invites us to plunge a little deeper into the soul of our own journey, as she takes us around the world. In Miles Beyond, Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy create a magical music rainbow with colorful instruments and sounds from around the world.

"If you're not completely blissed out after the first sampling, don't blame Teng and her highly skilled crew. They know how to make "world" music in the best sense -- unpretentious, attuned and with an obvious love for the cultures they tap into. An absolutely wonderful album." (MILES BEYOND)

This is a mystic journey indeed, and a highly enjoyable one. Suzanne Teng plays flutes from all corners of the globe, sideman Gilbert Levy does likewise with percussion, and additional participants provide instrumentation ranging from the familiar (guitar, bass, keyboard) to the exotic (sitar, oud, didgeridoo). Musically, there's a lot of ground covered in these instrumental pieces. Breezing through narious points in Africa, Latin and Native America, India, Indonesia, the Far East and on and on, the tracks are nonetheless remarkably cohesive, well arranged and musically and rhythmically engaging. Listen to how "Babylonians" unfurls majestically before dancing off into the sun, the dark continent cool of "Motherland" or the airy melancholy of "Sierra" and the title track. If you're not completely blissed out after the first sampling, don't blame Teng and her highly skilled crew. They know how to make "world" music in the best sense -- unpretentious, attuned and with an obvious love for the cultures they tap into. An absolutely wonderful album.

"Teng has the ability to imbue her work with the spirit and style of a myriad of cultural influences...This might be considered "highbrow" music. But its appeal stretches beyond labels, and may be for anyone who seeks
variety and intricacy." (MILES BEYOND)

Remembering an older Hearts of Space program named "Miles Beyond," my first thought upon seeing the title of Suzanne Teng's CD made me think this would be a spin on the music of Miles Davis. Was I wrong! Teng is an accomplished flautist, a holder of a Masters degree in music, a Grammy nominee in 2000, and a finalist in (the now-defunct) New Age Voice magazine's "Best Acoustic Instrumental Album of 1999" and "Best Contemporary World Music Album of 1999." 


Small wonder. Teng has the ability to imbue her work with the spirit and style of a myriad of cultural influences. This should come as no surprise, as she completed Ph.D. studies at UCLA's Department of Music Ethnomusicology. Miles Beyond is a collection of nine musical treatises that encompass musical stylings from around the globe. "Sitara," for example, blends the Indian sitar and tabla with Teng's flute playing.


"Suling," despite its name (a suling is a type of simple bamboo flute), is reminiscent of the Irish penny whistle in both tone and tenor. 


"Miles Beyond," the title track, is a muted concoction of sophisticated instrumentation; its complexity hidden in the shadow of its subtlety. 


Mystic Journey, the name of Teng's band (which also gave name to the first album by the ensemble), works harmoniously to lend atmosphere to Teng's flute, not to overpower it. Mystic Journey consists of partner Gilbert Levy (drums), Barry Newman (string bass), and Fritz Heede, multi-stringed instruments and composer. Alone, Teng has performed for a number of file soundtracks, many with noted composer and new age artist, Jeff Danna. 


This might be considered "highbrow" music. But its appeal stretches beyond labels, and may be for anyone who seeks variety and intricacy.


"She's mastered many a wind instrument and plays them here to great effect. The music comes from all over the world, ranging from Turkey and India to Indonesia and the Americas. Teng and her partner, Gilbert Levy, have clearly taken the time to immerse themselves in the different musical forms... Yes, the music is soothing, but it's stimulating too, as Teng hops from country to country, genre to genre." (MILES BEYOND)

Teng's music sometimes gets lumped in the New Age category, but there's nothing bland or saccharine about it. She's mastered many a wind instrument and plays them here to great effect. The music comes from all over the world, ranging from Turkey and India to Indonesia and the Americas. Teng and her partner, Gilbert Levy, have clearly taken the time to immerse themselves in the different musical forms. Take Teng's playing of the suling, a bamboo flute used in Balinese music: to my ears it's indistinguishable from that of contemporary Indonesian players - an impressive achievement. Yes, the music is soothing, but it's stimulating too, as Teng hops from country to country, genre to genre.

The Instrumental Weekly

"I found that Mystic Journey had a very familiar and comfortable feeling, which makes repeated listenings a true joy…Suzanne and company have taken a great amount of ideas and styles, and have expertly blended them together in a hybrid that is heard only so rarely in current instrumental releases." 

With the prominence of various types of flute acting as the foundation for this recording, Mystic Journey from Suzanne Teng presents a refreshing and fascinating fusion of world sounds. From Far and Middle Eastern motifs to Celtic and African rhythms, this recording offers an abundance of styles that blend together perfectly.


With over a dozen musicians of varying fame and her own masterful presentation of several flute variations, Suzanne has taken a rather eclectic mix of instrumentation and formed the resultant sound into something new and worldly. At the same time however, I found that Mystic Journey had a very familiar and comfortable feeling, which makes repeated listenings a true joy.


Some pieces, such as "Topanga Dream" and "Darjeeling Sunrise" are more subtle and relaxed, highlighting Suzanne's alto flute against gently fading harp chords and wonderful percussion layouts. Other tracks, like "Lhasa Love", which is based upon an ancient Chinese folk song, are more upbeat and would make amazing backdrops to traditional as well as modern dance performance.


An album such as Mystic Journey is a great example of music that works equally well when listened to carefully, or as relaxing background music in your living room. Suzanne and company have taken a great amount of ideas and styles, and have expertly blended them together in a hybrid that is heard only so rarely in current instrumental releases.


A quick word about the instrumentation on Mystic Journey: keyboard is accounted for here, but the lack of heavy electronic synthesizers is a welcome strategy that I wish more musicians would at least try once in awhile. There is a very real, very friendly vibe from this recording, and it's one that I think you will definitely appreciate.


"Teng's mesmerizing album of new age flute with magical accompaniment stands out among all others…New Age fans of all tastes will be enchanted."

Mt. Shasta Magazine

“Her passionate playing unleashes kundalini energy and coaxes it up the back of the spine. It’s nearly impossible to listen without swaying your body. This artist is obviously aware of the healing power of music.”


In her newly released CD, Suzanne Teng, flutist, dancer, percussionist, composer, teacher and recording artist has conjured up a magical mixture of exotic and familiar themes to charm, entice, and entrance us.

On this recording of origingal music, Teng, with the help of 17 master musicians, takes her audience on a tour around the world and ultimately into themselves. Her passionate playing unleashes kundalini energy and coaxes it up the back of the spine. It’s nearly impossible to listen without swaying your body. This artist is obviously aware of the healing power of music.
Suzanne Teng has been called upon to play at the Dalai Lama’s World Festival of Sacred Music. Her flute meditations are featured at events with leaders like Marianne Williamson, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mathew Fox and David Whyte.

Wind and Wire Magazine

“Suzanne is a consummate flutist on a variety of flutes...beautiful and soulful music.”

Suzanne Teng is a consummate flutist on a variety of flutes. On her album Mystic Journey, she plays alto flute, C flute, bass flute, bamboo flute, pan pipes, ney...well, you get the idea. She also handles some percussion. And she has about a zillion other people on the record as well (too many to recount here). Everyone accords themselves admirably and the CD has a solid cohesive sound to it.

The overall vibe of Mystic Journey is world and world fusion-oriented. There are ethnic textures galore courtesy of Suzanne’s flutes, as well as instruments like dumbek, tabla, frame drums, oud (Arabic lute) and
even more exotic world instruments. The songs vary in tempo and mood but since the flute is the lead instrument in almost all cases, a strong continuity factor exists throughout the recording. Percussion is a high
point, especially (obviously) on the more uptempo pieces. “Topanga Dreams,” while occasionally fast and furious, also has a sultry side to it. “Katyia’s Dance” is out and out sensuous, as the tango-like rhythms
blends with Martin Tillman’s cello and a host of bells and percussion, all led by Suzanne’s smoky alto flute.

None of the music on this CD rides the current wave of “world meets electronica” fusion which seems to be all the rage these days. Thank goodness. Don’t get me wrong, I like the aforementioned drum and bass
meets ethnic music recordings. But, it’s nice to hear someone find fusion in a less synthetic vein. In this way, Suzanne’s CD reminds me of the work from artists on the Alula or Maggie’s Music labels. The point of music like this is to offer vague hints of different parts of the world, barely wafting into view, before the song changes and before you know it, you’re somewhere else. It (the music) is adventurous and I like it.

“Aduman” introduced me to a brand new instrument - the kora (African harp) which has most pleasant sound and, while harp-like, is also daringly different. The song has a soft lilting bounce to it. I love the East Indian opus (ten-minutes long) “Darjeeling Sunrise” with its exotic Indian instruments. In fact, I love this whole album. I have played it both as background (during meals) and have listened to it intently. Either way, I heard beautiful and soulful music from a highly talented flutist, surrounded by accompanists at the top of their game. Fans of world music, as well as acoustic fans seeking something exotic, should find a lot to enjoy on this Mystic Journey! Highly recommended.

Backroads Music

“Suzanne Teng needs only a few notes to establish herself as a major artist in her own right."

Formerly with the Angels of Venice, Suzanne Teng needs only a few notes to establish herself as a major artist in her own right. Her flute-centered compositions show a dancer’s view of world music motifs, with light, swaying and gentle rhythms occasionally offset by more solid rhythms that would easily support belly dancers, improv or modern dance, or free movement on any level. She has assembled an all-star cast of supporting players that lend this project a sense of expertise and artistry that really shines. As a student of the flute, Suzanne is equally at home in many styles from around the globe. Her primary percussionist is Gilbert Levy, who underscores the sensual flute passages across slow ballads, fast-paced tangos & ritual dances. African kora player Prince Diabate shines on his tracks, while Greg Ellis of Vas and oud master John Bilizikian also stand out. “Mystic Journey” becomes just that on a couple of pieces, most notably “Clouds Across the Darkness,” with multi-tracked bass flute, wind chimes and Tibetan singing bowl beckoning the listener from afar.

UK New Classics

The beautiful flute player, dancer, percussionist, composer and teacher Suzanne Teng is joined by 17 other fine musicians, including the percussionist Gilbert Levy, on this debut recording of original music featuring flutes, strings and percussion instruments from around the world. The ensemble blends music and sounds from east and west, combining the ancient with the new to produce an ethereal and ecstatic whole. (MYSTIC JOURNEY)

Santa Fe Bandstand

SUZANNE TENG, accompanied by husband GILBERT LEVY (percussion) and LA-based musicians DAN TORRES (guitar/oud) and JON OSSMAN (bass) treated the noontime crowd to a musical trip to Egypt, Africa, China, and the American Southwest.  The effect was nothing short of stunning!

Personal Notes from our Listeners

" We love the music you make, that is all that we can say. We just love it."
Eduard & friends, Romania


"…I am the music buyer for the store and hence have both the privelege and pain of listening to the constant stream of new cds. In the three years I have been doing this, your CD has been my favorite. I play it all the time in the store, which has led to 20 sales since March, which I know is very little in the grand picture, but does make it our top-selling CD right now. It may have even been more had it not been for the times between orders that it was sold-out! Thank you for the making the world just a little sweeter..."
Chris Richardson, Quest Bookstore, Chicago


"You, Suzanne Teng, are a godsend."


"The CD has a permanent place on our CD player!"
Andy, New York


"Absolutely brilliant stuff!!! Keep up your creative sounds!"
Brussels, Belgium


"…I'm not normally given to composing "fan mail", but in this case I'll make an exception just to thank you for whatever angst and perspiration y'all endured/expended in making "Mystic Journey" . The more I play it, the more I like it. I keep finding subtle and delightful nuances. "


"thanks for inspiring me…"
Chelsi, Fifth Grade, Texas


"I love your music....just discovered it. Wow!"


"…your musical journey is as gentle as a drop of needed rain and as welcomed as a soft unexpected kiss."
Dennis Tabella


"…You do wonderful justice to the flute…"
Tom Quin, Columbia, SC


"I'm an acoustic musician and I instantly fell in love with your music! I want your CD and I will tell everyone I can about you! "
Jimmy Bunch 


"…your music is a great success here in Puebla (my town), people loves your music…I can´t forget the sound of your magic flutes that night at Tajin."
Eduardo, Puebla, Mexico


"I stumbled onto your music while listening to the Atmospheres Music Channel on DirecTV satellite TV…Your music soothes my feelings and elevates me to a dimension where my thoughts have been refreshed and my body has been relaxed. I thank you for the cognitive medicine you have provided me with your talents."
Ozaer Najim, Portland, OR 


" Your music is so beautiful that words are not adequate to describe it. "
Liana, Santa Barbara, CA


"…Your music is so magical and wonderful, and I am thrilled to be preparing for the delivery of my first baby with your music as inspiration! I decided that I am going to bring your CD to the hospital with me, so that I can relax and meditate, and deliver this baby without any medications."
Adrienne Anderson-Mauricio, Philadelphia 


"I listened to your music from a friend in Guatemala… I am in love with your music, it is fantastic, great music, I like it so much, one thousands of congratulations ! …I listen to your music, and now I am losing my head with your music, …YOU ARE MY FAVORITE ARTISTS."
Jose Antonio Gomez, Guatemala


"I was really floored… the pieces are beautiful…"
Alan, Alabama


"Your music has touched me on a very spiritual level...the haunting sounds of Topanga Dreams invoke a feeling weightless joy of my spirit being freed."
Tonya Lee Williams.


"…this recording offers an abundance of styles that blend together perfectly."


“This CD is too beautiful for words.” Adrienne Anderson

“Your new CD MYSTIC JOURNEY is a triumph!” Maime Zee 

“This is me and Tasha’s favorite album of the year!” Martin Tillmann


“Heard you perform on Public Radio. Your music resonates & vibrates in me to my very depths. Thank you.” Dr. Rick DeVoe

“Suzanne Teng is a remarkably versatile flutist and composer whose buoyant spirit soars throughout every moment of "Mystic Journey." This CD is a treasure!”

Leone Buyse, former principal flute - Boston Symphony Orchestra

“I will always find soul solace with ‘Mystic Journey." Sujay Pandit

“Thanks again for coming to earth. You are definitely an instrument of Spirit bringing soothing vibrations to this world full of suffering. Your music is so expansive, the sky cannot contain it.” Cloyd Pool

“Suzanne Teng's perfectly titled Mystic Journey takes the listener on an exquisite and sensuous excursion through aural pathways that delight the senses. Put on some tea, light some incense and enjoy her colorful
transcendental travel music. A great addition to your Cd collection."
- Jeff Hutner, Editor , New Paradigm Digest


“ The most entrancing, inspiring, and most-beautifully-done cd that
mankind has ever heard...” James


“...breath takes me to the most sacred places...real and far as the greatest mountains and as close as the depths of my interior, where I feel soothing melodies, ancient harmonies and the togetherness of rhythm...
you Master of Wind ...
sensitive woman ...
who can hear even the imperceptible sound ...
who can freely paint in the sky
all the colors of your skin and Master of Wind...” Cynthia

“I am blissed by these songs...” ~Jim Cole, Spectral Spiral Music

“Sheer heaven!” - Bea